Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

These guidelines have been established to ensure the Glen Innes Highlands Hub users and staff are provided with a safe and comfortable environment, which is a Workplace, Health and Safety (WHS) requirement. The Glen Innes Highlands HUB is committed to ensuring a welcoming environment that is conducive for coworking, training, meeting and learning.

This policy outlines the conduct expected from our users and conforms to the conditions of the Glen Innes Severn Council code of conduct, which gives the Glen Innes Highlands Hub the power to exclude users who interfere with any other person's use of the coworking space.


The aim of this policy is to:

• Assist Hub staff to effectively manage difficult situations within the coworking space;

• Inform Hub members of their responsibilities while using Hub facilities; and

• To reinforce WHS requirements for a safe and comfortable environment for Hub members and guests.


Highlands Hub coworking users are to treat fellow users and Hub staff with respect and courtesy. Any conduct that interferes with the ability of Hub users or staff to feel safe and to be productive in the coworking environment, will not be tolerated.

Such behaviour may include:

• Experiencing flu or cold symptoms which include coughing, sneezing and visibly sick;

• Unsociable behaviour, such as harassing customers or Hub staff, offensive or abusive language and gestures, fighting, running or shouting;

• Conversation or noise that, in the estimation of Hub staff, is above an acceptable noise level and is disturbing to other users;

• Bags and personal belongings are your responsibility and must not cause a trip hazard to other users;

• Being under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol;

• Personal audio equipment played at levels that can be heard by others;

• Using the Hub network to access pornographic, offensive or objectionable material or for any unlawful purpose as outlined in the Hub’s Internet Policy;

• Disturbing others with strong odours (e.g. perfumes, alcohol or unsanitary personal conditions).

Workplace, Health and Safety (WHS)

Management and staff are committed to Workplace, Health and Safety principles, and follow the Glen Innes Severn Council's WHS policies and procedures. Hub users are requested to follow safety requests by staff, particularly in the advent of pandemics, influenzas outbreaks, fire, medical emergencies or suspected terrorist activities.

The Glen Innes Severn coworking space has an electronic fire alarm that will automatically or manually activate. If the alarm is activated, Library users must make their way to the nearest emergency exist. Please remain calm and follow the directions given by the Hub Fire Wardens. Always make sure you know where your children are and take their hand and lead them to the nearest exit. Our Emergency Assembly Area is on the northern corner of the block, close to Autopro and Grey Street.

Risk assessments are completed regularly throughout the Glen Innes Highlands Hub and on the surrounding block. Management and staff welcome any safety observations that are made by our users.

Influenzas and World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Pandemics To keep the community, staff and volunteers healthy and safe, the Hub will restrict visitors to the Hub coworking space who are experiencing flu or cold symptoms and will arrange a 'no contact' resource delivery while they are sick and experiencing symptoms.

School children home from school due to sickness, should not be in the Hub and should be home recovering from their sickness. The Hub is not a child-minding facility and children should be cared for by an appropriate adult.

Hub members have an obligation to follow:

• Social distancing requirement of 1.5 square meters, visitor limitations determined on the 4 square meters by size of room;

• Using hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes;

• Computer usage restrictions (social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing); and

• Social space restrictions on chairs, lounges, study desks.

Suggestions or Complaints

Hub management and staff welcome feedback from Hub users, as it is a valuable source of information, which helps to provide an improved service. All feedback can be emailed to info@gleninneshighlandshub.com or posted to 265 Grey Street, Glen Innes, NSW, 2370.

The Hub follows the Glen Innes Severn Council's complaint management system and complaint policy, which states that 'persons are invited to lodge complaints and/or compliments either verbally (in person or by telephone) or in writing to any Councillor or staff member'. For more information, a copy of the policy can be obtained from the Hub.


Smoking is not permitted inside the Hub or within 10 meters of the Hub building.

Food and Drink

Hub users are requested to consume their food & drinks seated at the tables in the community area or outside the Hub. Food provided for Hub functions is also to be consumed in the Community area, the training room, boardroom or meeting rooms.

Internet Usage

The Hub protects the public's right to know and does not monitor or control the content of materials offered through the Internet. Hub staff are available to assist clients in the use of the Internet and conferencing facilities. However, where a Hub user is found to be using Hub internet for any unlawful purpose or using Hub computers or their own personal devices to access pornographic or offensive material, the Hub staff reserve the right to direct the user to leave the Hub. Hub staff are able to direct the user to not re-enter the Hub for a specific period and to report unlawful conduct to the relevant Authorities.

Parents/ carers are responsible for their child's use of the Internet, in line with the Library's Internet Policy and the Library's Young People's Policy.

Responsibility for Children

Coworking spaces are busy public places, open to all, and staff cannot judge which members of the public present a possible danger to children. In addition, the Hub does not have the facilities to attend to children who are sick, injured or hungry.

Young children left alone in the Hub can become distressed, bored or disruptive. Hub users, including young people, who disturb other Hub users, may be removed from the Hub.

Any child left unattended in a public space may be classed as a child or young person at risk of harm under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998, s23, and subsequently may be reported as such to the Department of Communities & Justice under s24 or s27 of the Act.

Code of Conduct Offenders

Users who do not comply with the Hub Code of Conduct will be given three (3) warnings related to the unacceptable behaviour and then will be banned from the Hub for a period of six (6) months.

If a user exhibits threatening or extreme behaviour an immediate ban will be imposed for 12 months and if necessary, the police will be called to escort them from the Hub.


This policy applies to all Hub members and visitors attending the Glen Innes Highlands Hub.


Changes to this Policy will be communicated to staff members and volunteers of the Glen Innes Severn Highlands Hub by the Manager of Economic Development.


This Glen Innes Highlands Hub Code of Conduct Policy shall be reviewed every three (3) years, or earlier, if deemed necessary, to ensure that it meets the requirements of legislation and the needs of Council. The term of this policy does not expire on the review date, but shall continue in force until superseded, rescinded or varied either by legislation or a new resolution of Council.